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America's Oldest Surviving Lighthouse on Lake Ontario
The Historic Custom House
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Welcome To The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse and The Historic Custom House

Thank you for your interest in the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse is located in the former Village of Charlotte (at the Port of Rochester, NY).  We have established new dates and times to help make it more convenient for visitors.  There are new displays both inside and outside the museum.  If you are in the area and unable to make the normal operating hours and would like a special tour, please call us at least two weeks in advance at 585-621-6179.

The tower was constructed in 1822 on a hill just West of the Genesee River and South of what once was a marshy area on the southern shores of Lake Ontario.  The current Keeper’s House was built in 1863 to replace the original which was just to the South of the current building.  The Tower is 40 feet high with an additional 12 feet of height for the lantern room.  There are 42 steps and then an 11 rung ladder that takes you into the lantern room.  Here you will experience a beautiful panorama view of the surrounding area.  Cameras are a MUST! 

The Historical Custom House is located at 10 Latta Rd, Rochester, NY 14612. Working with a historic architect, we are in the process of restoring the facility.

70 Lighthouse Street; Rochester, NY 14612
(585) 621-6179

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